Tired, but Working! - February 24, 2020

I knew right after dinner it was going to be an early night for me. It's been a few days since I've posted, but I've been working on portable art. Yesterday was family visit day at Brian's dad's house followed by Come Follow Me study. Tonight was Plant Bulbs and Water the Lawn night followed by Family Home Evening.  I folded paper during it so I felt like I was creating something. 
I have big plans and just need to be awake enough to work on them!

Graphite Paintings - Oh My Heart! - December 12, 2019

I finished this graphite painting and am very happy with the result! I fiddled with the shadows and like where the wanderings took me.

Tonight I listened to Patrick Stewart's A Christmas Carol. I've listened to it so many times I can practically quote it along with him. Dickens wrote such a beautiful story and my heart just grows each time I hear it!

I had an unexpectedly free evening tonight. It's nearly time to call it a night. Good things have been done today. Good things, indeed!


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