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Bachelor's Button pattern

I'm hiding in the house right now. I set up a table in the backyard to take pictures of my books. A white tablecloth was on the table. I came back inside to get my stuff.

I go outside and my husband has put his dirty concrete-making stuff on the tablecloth.

I am going to kill him.

Please write me when I'm in prison...

Another Year Older

Yesterday was my birthday. My husband asked me what I wanted and I told him I didn't know. He asked me what I wanted to do last night. I said I wanted to finish a movie we'd started watching the night before.

Unfortunately, that's all we did! I need to be more imaginative with my requests!

In other news, I've been able to take pictures and start listing all the book art I've been up to lately. I think this one is still my favorite: Eternity.

Pomp and Circumstance

My husband graduated from college on Saturday! It was his goal to finish school before he was 40 - and he made it with a few weeks to spare. Hurray for him!

Before Brian and I got married, he confessed to me that he'd always wanted to go to college, but that it hadn't been encouraged by his parents. His father was a staunch law enforcement guy and, to please him, Brian went right into a job for the Sheriff's department after high school. Needless to say, law enforcement was NOT the right career for Brian. He said that it made him into a person he didn't like being. The person he became made some bad choices and law enforcement ended up booting him from that career path.

Then he met me and college became a possibility again. One day I came home from work and Brian announced to me that he was starting school online the next day. Since then, he's balanced work and family and church and school very well. He's passed all of his classes with screaming A's and disco…

Rainbow Room

I took all of my Readers Digest books and arranged them by inner color. Perhaps I will come up with yet another way to organize these in the future, but for now it is good.

All good.

ABC Sets - a Beginning

I've been busy doing ABC sets and working on my tutorial. It's turning out that the tutorial is going to be a bit more involved than I thought . I need to take so many "in progress" and "this is what it looks like" shots that it won't be ready by Friday.

The biggest problem is taking the pictures. I work during daylight hours. Brian works during daylight hours. I need to see if my natural light lamp is strong enough to take good pictures while we are home during nighttime hours... And, yes, I need a second person to take the shots while my beautiful hands (cough) are posing the pictures.

Anyway, here is the first set of ABC books done. I love the gray color. These are going off to a gallery in San Francisco for a show they are doing called "Breaking the Spine." It's going to be art made with books, I believe. I'm happy to be a part of it!

Story Time at the Library

Although it is a ton of work preparing a story time, the results are quite worth it. This morning I did stories about mice. I had about 45 people there and the kids really got involved. I sweated! The Napping House is my favorite because I use puppets and I throw them around...

Loop the Loops

I've finally figured out how to make loop the loops. You wouldn't believe how many trials and errors I've made with these. I guess I don't have good spatial imagination. Or whatever that's called where you can see it in your head and figure out how it moves in space.

I've loved this time off from my Etsy shop. I was surprised at the calm I felt when I was going to my email and KNEW I wouldn't have a shipment to send, a convo to answer or anything like that.

But I love selling on Etsy. I guess I just need the time off.

Now to get the tutorial done!!!