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Paper Roses

Yesterday I made tons of paper roses out of an old atlas. I'm hoping to use them on a wreath and something special for my bathroom! More later. After this burn on my finger heals...

Update on Tutorial

This post is mostly for Nancy (thank goodness for you!) who reminds me often of my responsibility to share my knowledge of the book arts with the world in general. :) *ahem* I have conquered the basic organization of the tutorial. It will be based on four basic patterns from which most of my sculptures are made. I will be making examples of the basic patterns in three stages of progress (the pattern, half done and fully done). Of the nine examples I need to do up, two are finished and a third is in progress. (I'll be working on more during church tomorrow - I swear I think better and concentrate on the talks better with my hands doing *something*) Something I have to decide is how to write patterns. First you fold here and then you fold here. How do I name the folds? How do I describe the directions in the patterns? Do I take a picture and then draw arrows with directions? (NO!) What I really want to avoid is pretentiousness and preciousness. Ugh. In other news, I finishe

Avoiding Real Work

I have two custom orders in the hopper right now. The first (and simplest) one is finished, but the big one (where I have to make up 40 beads) is half finished. I'm avoiding doing it by reading blogs. I love this blog . I love her stuff . I want to make it all. Forget the custom orders! I'm off to cut up books and make stuff! Oh wait. I already cut up books. Vandal!

Pretty vs. Practical: The Overload of Kitch in Crafts

I love craft blogs, but I am starting to wonder about them. Have you ever noticed how stupid most of the stuff people make is? (please note the TERRIFIC grammar there folks!) I mean, who honestly needs most of this stuff? I'm trying to simplify my life and while cute stuff is ... uh, cute, do I really want to have eight bazillion little things in my home? Obviously, the answer is no. Does it hurt my head/spirit to look at kitch, too? Just wondering. I'm adding this later: And also stuff that is badly made (pattern-wise, construction-wise, inappropriate material-wise) and yet people spend a long time EMBELLISHING it. I hate the word 'embellish'. 

Peaks and Troughs

The past couple of weeks have been ... quiet. Emotionally quiet. I guess there are peaks and troughs in creative life and I am in a trough right now. I always think, when I'm really busy, oh I can't wait until I have time to just sit and be still. I never think that when I am in that trough period, I want nothing more than to DO something, but I'm just not in the mood. And then I feel guilty. All this time is being wasted. But I will just be still for a while and see what happens.

Paper Art is Amazing

Lately I have been featured in several treasuries on Etsy. Not every one of these is chosen to go on Etsy's front page, but this one was! I just loved the selection of items that show you paper isn't just ... papery. Wow!