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Up to No Good

As I pulled up to the babysitter's house (my sis-in-law's) on Friday morning, Kenneth threw up. Spectacularly. (I was very glad that Brian had asked to switch cars that day!) So I drove home. Arranged for coverage at my branch. And settled down at home to take care of a feeling happy, but throwing up every so often boy. I made bread dough three times in my machine and used it to make personal pizza crusts (10), loaves of cream cheese/fruit rolls (2- one apricot and one raspberry) (I ate most of the apricot one and will give the raspberry one to my visiting teachee), and bread sticks (one large pizza's worth). I listed a billion items in my Etsy shop. I had a beautiful day (in spite of the throw up). Then I had a weird Saturday. Maybe it is always like that the day after you are productive, like the crest of the wave that reaches higher and higher and then simply tips over and crashes. I didn't feel like I accomplished anything... It's Sunday now. A day of rest. And

Word Nerd

I first made these earrings a long time ago and just brought them back to my shop. I think I need a pair that says "Paper Nerd" too because I'm that. And a Book Nerd. I suppose I could just wear my Nerd earrings and people will figure that covers just about everything. *sigh* In other news, my fast this past weekend went well. For those of you who don't know, I am Mormon (LDS). On the first Sunday of the month, members (who are able) are supposed to go without food and drink for 24 hours and donate the cost of those meals as a fast offering which goes to support the poor and needy. We also fast at times when we need extra help or assistance. Because of the problem I have with my husband's situation I decided that I needed extra help. So I fasted. My sister fasted with me. Solidarity. And my fast went well. I hardly bothered about the hunger. I kept prayers in my heart so much of the time. I don't know what, if anything, will come of it, but I know that I did w

A Great Task - FINISHED!

Last year I decided that it was high time I read several books that I've heard about for years, but had never read myself. Just children's books, mind you. I decided to go to the children's section in my little library and pick two authors from each letter of the alphabet from A-L who had books I'd heard about over and over and JUST READ THEM. Here's my list. It was a bit overwhelming. I gave myself a whole year because I was absolutely dreading some of the books. Here is my list and my comments about them. The numbers in red at the end of the title are the month/year I read the book. Alexander - The Book of Three 1/10 I hated this book. Perhaps it was really cool in the '60's when it was written, but when you compare it to The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, it's really stupid. For me. Banks - The Indian in the Cupboard 1/10 I thought the stereotypes about Native Americans were going to bring the wrath of the Politically Correct God

Knowing Myself

Beware - philosophy post. For the past several days I have been so angry at my husband. Brian has children from a previous marriage and the relationship Brian and I have with his ex is fraught with tension. I've always tried to see the best in others and blah blah blah. I'm such a wonderful person. See how righteously I act so it's obvious the other person is horrible. Whatever. It's not so much how the ex acts as how Brian acts with her. I disagree with his actions and decisions. Strongly. I want certain things to happen. But they never do. And Brian will never address those concerns. So there is always this tug of war going on. I couldn't tell you who it is between: me and Brian, me and the ex? I have no idea how to act in this situation. I don't know what expectations I am allowed to have - by allowed, I mean What Heavenly Father Wants Me to Do. My sister asked me if I've fasted about it. Confession: I've lost my testimony of fasting. Actually, I'

And He's Not Even Drunk!

Never fall asleep with an awake three-year old in the house. He will gather up his toys and pile them on top of you. And his mother will not stop him. She will, instead, get the camera and take pictures. Then she will post them for the world to see. Don't be jealous cos my hubsand's so handsome. He's mine mine mine mine MINE!!! Of course, I have to move the toys to get close to him...

One Step Forward and 50 BAZILLION Steps Back

You know how you have plans: I am going to update my shop with all the pictures I've taken of my products! Yee ha! I've taken pictures of everything I've made so far. Three weeks ago. They are in several different folders now on my desktop because I've been taking some of them on a flash drive to work to edit on my breaks. And I don't remember what name I gave them the first time I edited them and saved them and then end up editing a second (or even third) set of pictures of the SAME THING and it looks like I change my mind what size I want to make the pictures and then I look and realize that I don't have enough pictures of that one particular piece and that other picture is a bit fuzzy, but should I list it anyways? And now I just looked at all my folded book pictures and realized that I made them a different way than I did before, so my descriptions/prices are no longer accurate. So, do I make a new listing for the new (cheaper) version and then do another sc

How I Learned Not to be Bored

When I was little, I was often bored. It was a horrible feeling strangely accompanied by guilt. Why guilt? I must have heard enough older people lament that they didn't have enough time that I realized that the time I had right THEN was worth something, only I didn't know enough how to use it. As I was able to, I developed skills and interests. I am not good at thinking these ideas up on my own - they are always opportunities that arise that I take advantage of learning. Here's the problem: I now know too many things to do and have too many interests. Weird how the pendulum swings.

Shapes in Book Art

Look what I learned to do! I knew it was possible in theory, but it's my first time trying shapes. I hope you can tell it's an airplane. A Cessna, to be exact!

Sneak Peeks

Just experimenting with circles. It's called "It Was Just a Phase". I think I'm going to try going from full to empty in the middle next time instead of this way! I don't want the inner circles getting so squished. The "open" circles are stronger and can be in the middle of the book without losing their shape.

Thunder and Lightning Very Very Frightning

Gallileo! Gallileo! Gallileo! Figaro-o-o- !!! Saturday we had a 20% chance of rain, which, naturally, meant that it DID rain! We had thunder and lightning and rain for about two hours. Of course, we all sat outside. When I looked out the front windows of the house, I saw other neighbors sitting on THEIR front porches, watching the weather. Only in Bakersfield do people come *out* of the houses when it does rain. And that is why I am the way I am. This picture shows a large flock of birds (crows?) gliding on the air currents as the storm approached. I love watching them wheel around.