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Little Hearts

It has been the most beautiful week here. We've had lots of rain and the sky has been full of heavy, fat clouds. The grass if finally growing in again so the yards are colorful... (of course, it means we have to mow again, but oh well...) I've been busy working a lot and going through my mom-in-law's library. Our front room, my art room and the hallway are all stacked with piles of weird books - most of them out-of-date reference manuals that have been no use to anyone for the last 20 years. Brian's sister is the type of person who wants to save anything associated with her mom. That means we are bringing the books here to our house before we dispose of them to the library or the dumpster. We're being careful to riffle the pages of each book because Joan was notorious for hiding things in the pages. So far we've found hundreds of newspaper clippings, recipes, letters and three dollar bills. Still, you never know what you're going to find... I made a f

Egg O' My Heart

Don't go into shock, but here is April's pattern! With Easter only a week away, you need this pattern now. It's a very simple pattern and what makes it special is that you can decorate the eggs just the way you want to for your home. I used simple inks to paint the colors on the edges of the pages. You can use stamp/ink pads, stickers, glitter or embellishments to decorate your eggs. Make them (wait for it) EGGS-actly how you want them... Thank you. Thank you verra much. Just click on the picture below and print it out fer yerself.