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The Day the Camera Died

Before my camera died, this is the type of thing I took a picture of. It's a potato. Isn't that a hoot? I showed it to Brian last night before I had him peel it and cook it and he told me that Letterman had a woman on the other night with a heart-shaped potato. I could've been famous, huh? And I listed a new book in my shop. And then my camera died. Right when I have a ton more books to photograph and list. Ugh.

Finding Time

People often ask me how I find time to do everything - art, work, take care of a 2-year old. The answer is easy: I don't blog. In fact, I've been thinking a lot about different things that eat up my time and what I am choosing to do rather than make art, be with my family or do my work here at the library. One thing I thought of was my blogroll. If you are like me, you feel the need to read EVERYTHING on your blog roll like it's a to-do list. I have had days where there were more than 400 items to be read. It made my heart sink. When things that are supposed to be fun start making my heart sink, that's when I realize I need to unload some things from my (real or perceived) to-do list. So I started weeding out stuff. For instance, I realized most of my blogs were design blogs which means they kept showing me stuff for sale. My house is packed already and I was able to delete those sites without much thought. The second thing I did was look for sites that kept showing me

Ooh... Pretty Treasury!

Hey! Look at this! Pretty, huh? I'm always surprised at the items of mine that others choose for treasuries. This piece seems to be a favorite... The name is just soooooo weird!

For the Love of Dove

I have a confession: I love Dove chocolate. My husband knows of this love affair. For our first anniversary, he bought me a large glass vase and filled it with Dove chocolates. It is my favorite gift to date. There were probably 200 little pieces of chocolate in there. Do you know how long 200 little pieces of chocolate last? Not long enough. While I was pregnant, it didn't taste good. I looked forward to the end of pregnancy both to see my baby and have my tastebuds return to normal... Although I want another baby, I really do consider the fact that I will lose my taste for chocolate again. I have a bag by my bed at night so that I can eat a few (hundred) while I do a puzzle before going to sleep. It's the treat I give myself so I feel special. Because that smooth creamy chocolate melting in my mouth is the most dreamy sensation.

Berta's Book

This is a picture of my friend's book on display in her house. Darn, but it looks good...

Woo Hoo! Books

I've had so many books in the works now that I've told myself that I need to finish a few before I start anymore. I call this one Elven Crown. Cos that's what it looks like ta meh. And on my bedside table, we have this little beauty in progress. Dunno what to call it yet. My friend Holly and I have swapped things. She is a sewer (one who sews, not the other thing) and made me a bag - a sinister mermaid bag. I will take a pic of it later. Right now it is full of books in progress that I carry back and forth to work with me - I don't work on them. I just like to have them with me. A security bag, I guess? Eek. I have issues... But, I made her a word book. She should be getting it today or tomorrow, but I had to put a sneak peek in here... And, the big news here is that I finally figured out how to do this pattern. I am THE QUEEN! Good night for now. It's beddy-bye time and I really need a few Dove chocolates and a puzzle before bed.

Melancholy Baby

I was in the shower the other night and a thought popped into my head: it's been so good lately that it's probably time for some bad things to happen. Even though I know that bad times alternate with good times, I hoped that the feeling was wrong. Nope. The bad things that have happened have, fortunately, been nothing terrible - the car needed to be repaired to the tune of $500 and I had a run-in with a particularly horrible patron this afternoon (didn't want to pay fines because it wasn't their fault - it totally was). The events of the day sort of color the view of the future, too. Now I'm worried about tomorrow. Every Thursday I go to the main branch downtown to work - this is how I get my full 40 hours/week. The problem is, downtown is having trouble with their a/c and when you get a library full of hot hobos, things get icky. It was icky last week and I had to call 911 on a patron for the second time in a month. I just don't want to face another 911 kind

Emotionally Mute and Numb

Do you ever have it happen where you are working on a project like gangbusters - full of ideas and energy - and then, all of a sudden, you poop out? I hit the wall on Sunday with my art. All of a sudden, my ideas dried up. I felt listless and tired. I suppose this is part of the creative process - the rejuvenation part. It's just that I hate having to go through it. I feel like so much time is passing without accomplishing anything. blah And what's worse is that I can't adequately describe how I'm feeling. I've never been articulate about my feelings and emotions anyway, but I feel particularly mute right now.