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Jacob's Dream

Before I added the words.  I've been worrying this drawing for a few days now. When I first read the story of Jacob's dream (Genesis 28), I couldn't figure out what to do - ladders, wrestling with angels, etc. The part that talks about a house is after Jacob wakes up and says that the place he is in is God's place. After I added the words. I wish I could redo the words to a lighter color.  So I decided to paint a desert (because that's where I *imagine* Jacob to have been (with stones for his pillows) and use the words of the scripture to draw a house. If you think about it, God is everywhere and we just need to remember that. Today was Kenneth's last day of Kindergarten. I took a picture of him in the same clothes and show the first and last day's pictures side by side. He's grown!!!

Back in the Saddle Again

I'm trying something different with my scripture study. It's gotten a bit boring reading the same things over and over (don't judge!), so I'm looking up the word 'house' in the index and looking at the associated scripture(s), seeing if I can make a picture/painting out of them. This is the first one: Genesis 7:1 1 And the Lord said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation. It's kinda sweet, isn't it? It looks like an illustration for  nursery decor or a card. :)

Watercolors in Very Bright Light

A VERY busy weekend - going to the temple for the first time in MONTHS. Anyway, dibs and dabs of time to paint. I tried painting very early in the morning, but the sun casts harsh shadows and I found that I couldn't do anything! My hand kept blocking my painting as I tried to work. In a nutshell, this week's work has focused on getting back to a plainer, clearer form of painting, like I used to do with only clear watercolors.  Fewer layers. This one actually had a lot of white in it, so it didn't *really* follow the rule. I tried using yellow and alizirin crimson in the sky. The sky's a bit muddy, but I think it's okay... Another thing I never did with my original watercolors was experiment/use so many blooms. I see now how much I like them. It busies it up a lot - hmmm.... This started out to be a book painting. Then it turned into trees. I'm not sure - it looks a bit contrived. I need to work on folded books again! I'm getting lo

Book Page Paintings

I've been using my old book again to make more bookshelf paintings. These are based on that stack of 200+ pictures I took at the library one day. I'm trying to work on my color composition - if you choose ONE color that you ADD to every other color, it ties them together a bit. As long as the primary color isn't too showy.  This one turned out best colorwise. It looks like I limited the palette, too. I don't do that very often or well. :)   Ta da! Another house painting! This one was in my stack of things to do. I drew it a long time ago and am only now getting around to painting it. The chimney looks like a devil's horn. And here is the work in progress desk. That picture on the front of the books turned out great...