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Small Gift

A small gift for someone who helped me out a lot. It rhymes with 'magic'.

In other news, I've figured out how to make the freebie pattern for October. Now I have to draw up the pattern and finish the example book to take a picture of... It should be ready on October 1st!

Huge Granny Looter

This rock must have a solid metal core - it's HEAVY. It's only the size of my fist. Granted, I have large man hands, but still!

Again, making these is sooooo relaxing. I gave a little one to a friend the other day (who doesn't read my blog) and she looked at it, looked at me and then asked - tentatively - "what do I do with it?"

I told her to put it outside and let her chickens play with it. Oh happy chickens! Unfoul fowl!

Skull in Chains

So... I finished the filet crochet of the skull and attached it to the book by chains. It's so metaphorical, isn't it?
It still takes me a long time to crochet the design and I'm not sure I have the patience to do it for larger books. Still, I don't want to give up on the idea. I love the mixture of the thread and the paper. Hmm... we'll see.

Skull Filet on Book

Yesterday I went on Google image search to find a cross stitch pattern that I could modify for a filet crocheted skull. While working on it in four different places (oh wait - only three - work, couch, bed) I came up with this. Perhaps it would be better to not cart it all around creation. I ended up decreasing accidentally and having to make up for it weirdly. Dunno, maybe that's all part of the charm.

It's 9:15am and I have to leave for work in fifteen minutes. Guess who's not ready?!!! Off I go for my last week at the Rathbun branch. As of next Tuesday, I'll be at the Northeast library - only a mile from my house! It's a lovely place with great memories, but it is hard to leave a place like the Bun that I love so much... I'm so glad that Heaven is real and I'll get to be with all my friends there. Or in Hell, if we all go there. :)

Filet o' Flower!

Filet crochet sounds soooo fancy, but it's actually very simple and right up my alley - being made with grids and all. This is my first attempt and I know exactly what I want to try next. It will involve skulls and books.

Oh, my life is so good. Curse work and how much of my time it takes!

(Bless work and how it pays for my house, car and food!)

A Blast from the Past

I was sitting in the office of the new head of the library when I spied a stack of papers on her nearly empty bookshelf. When I asked what they were, she said they were a donation she was going to give to the Friends. Then we looked at it together. How old is it, I asked? Together, we looked at the title page and figured out the Roman numerals.

1723. Oh. My. Goodness. She asked if I was interested in having it. I told her that I would very much like to have it if the Friends were willing to sell for a price I could afford. A few days later, it was mine. For $5.00.

Before everyone freaks out about my doing anything to or with this book, relax. I don't know what I'm going to do with it until I find out its worth. I found a copy in the UK for $300, but that was in good condition. I am not sure who to speak with about this, but I will eventually find out. The covers from front and back are both missing and several pages have fallen out. The binding is loose and you can see from t…

Inspiration - Carl Larsson

Every so often I run across an artist whose work resonates within me. Carl Larsson is my latest inspiration.

I think I saw his work in an old magazine (Victoria?) and it had pictures of his home. Oh. My. Goodness!!!

He does things in his home that I've thought of doing and then thought, "oh no, that's just too different." Well, you know what? It turns out that some of the things I like are liked by people I admire. The time has really come for me to stop being afraid of being me and just let myself be.

That goes for making things, too. I get a little bogged down by Pinterest and other things because I see all these things and think, "I can do that!" Well, of course I can do that. Many people can. But sometimes it is better for me to focus on something that only I can do and maybe forego that other item or purchase it from that person.

Today I decided to treat myself to this:

Instead of chasing the beautiful things of the world and trying to hoard everything…

Dum de dum de da...

Doing much, but nothing big. A whole lot of little, bitty, itsy things. Above is a special order I just finished...

Two nights ago, I got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. No lights for me. I can do some things very easily in the dark. In the gloom, I noticed an upside down cup in my sink. Groggily, I picked it up and put it on the side of the sink, intending to figure out its purpose in the morning. *snore* Back to sleep.

A few hours later, I woke up and turned on the light. I got up to go into the bathroom again and saw a 5-in slug making its way across my carpet into my bathroom. I picked it up with a tissue and went out to the living room to show my husband. Hey! Look what was crawling INTO my bathroom! I should have been tipped off by his utter lack of surprise. He says, Are you sure it wasn't crawling OUT of your bathroom?

He'd found the slug in HIS bathroom (why? how?) and had given it to me. As a surprise. Because of the deep and abiding love he has …

Poppy Rock

I've just about finished stocking up my Etsy shop with all of my sale items. All the leftover beads either went into the trash (oh. my.) or on my desk for me to make up into interesting earring combos for myself. I like mixing and matching the words and fonts (Librarian+Nerd).  Tonight we watched HP #4 (my least favorite movie cos they changed so many pointless things and left out Dobby and Bertha Jorkins) and I stitched a paper present for a friend. I took more than a week off from sending her a postcard a day so I'm back to work. It has been so much fun doing this that I need to find someone else to start doing this for. Perhaps I'll not do one a day, but I'll still have a month-long party of post.

Sweet Peace

There is something about crocheting that makes me feel serene. Repetitive movement? Tight focus? Tactile yarn and needle? On Sunday last, I put in Harry Potter #1 and watched (listened) to it. Then #2. Then #3. I crocheted several stones and a sand dollar, practicing with most of my yarns and a carpet thread (for variety!).