Skull Filet on Book

Yesterday I went on Google image search to find a cross stitch pattern that I could modify for a filet crocheted skull. While working on it in four different places (oh wait - only three - work, couch, bed) I came up with this. Perhaps it would be better to not cart it all around creation. I ended up decreasing accidentally and having to make up for it weirdly. Dunno, maybe that's all part of the charm.

It's 9:15am and I have to leave for work in fifteen minutes. Guess who's not ready?!!! Off I go for my last week at the Rathbun branch. As of next Tuesday, I'll be at the Northeast library - only a mile from my house! It's a lovely place with great memories, but it is hard to leave a place like the Bun that I love so much... I'm so glad that Heaven is real and I'll get to be with all my friends there. Or in Hell, if we all go there. :)


an encourager said…
You will only see me in heaven. :) No more Rathbun?! Shoot!!! Maybe I'll have to switch my library loyalties off to the East! :)
dleisert said…
Hm, I like the skull. Maybe the "mistakes" are what help give it an eerie look?

Good luck at your new branch. (Great commute!) They are lucky to have you.

Mary Jo said…
Northeast! Yaaaay! What days, times? The accidental decreasing is what I don't like about crochet. I need a filet butterfly pattern to use in a lampshade. Skulls seem a bit gruesome for my bedroom :)

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