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I Can't Do It All

When I was a little girl, I thought grownups knew everything. Now that I'm a grownup (gulp), I see that I'm still pretty much the same person I've always been. It's like there is a 5 year-old, a 17 year-old, a 25 year-old, a 41 year-old and probably older ones inside of me all at the same time. Different situations bring out my different selves. I've been dying inside because I've not had much making-time. I work full-time, commute an hour a day, have a husband who is going to school full-time in addition to working full-time, have stepchildren who visit every other weekend and have a two-year old son WHO-WILL-PROBABLY-DIE-IF-I-DON'T-WATCH-HIM-EVERY-SINGLE- MINUTE-BECAUSE-HE-GETS-INTO-EVERYTHING! The grownup Heather who is older than I am has finally spoken up and shown me that it's okay not to do big things for right now. No crafting domination for me (hi, Lisa!). If I'm able to do something little here and there, that's going to be just ri

Bad News but a Light Heart

The house we put an offer on (and I *dared* to hope for) was withdrawn from the MLS by the bank. Boogerheads. It kind of bummed me out all day long. And then my mom called and made me feel better. Mom, thanks for giving birth to me 41 years ago today. My birthday is now nice.

Manga Me

Do I look like a librarian or what? Oh, wait. I don't have glasses and my hair's not in a bun. Oh well. Make your own manga face here . Please note my bee-yoo-tiful green eyeshadow. Yes, I do wear that color. And it has glitter. I'm 40, but I'm not a grown-up yet. Still no word on whether the offer for our house has been accepted. Keep those fingers crossed!

Collage of Gratitude

Today's challenge on The Spark is to find five things you are most grateful for and take pictures of them to put on your blog. The problem: I couldn't limit it to five! Here is my collage o' gratitude: From the top left, going clockwise: Easter lilies by my bed, my kids, my artspace, my kid making my laugh, my bed (NEW - we just got a queen-size after nearly four years sharing a double...aah... space!), Harry Potter books and all books, my folded book art, my two cats (they look identical so having a pic of only one suffices. This one is Harriet. If you change the color of the nose to pink, you have Hermione. So there.) Last of all, in the middle is my hubby, Brian. I think I'll keep him. Let me know what you are grateful for.

Book Houses

I grabbed a bunch of books from the Friends' recycle bin and put together this cute paperbook house. I like the idea of using books the same way you'd use wood and making surprising things. I might be able to make an entire village of books!

Purple Paper Daisy Ball

Say THAT five times fast! purplepaperdaisyball purplepaperdaisyball purplepaperdaisyball purplepaperdaisyball purplepaperdaisyball It's only taken me three weeks to get a project done, but I DID IT! I like the color combination, but I think I used too many colors. This project actually started as a butterfly mosaic like on Lollychops, but it turned into a ball.

Holy Small Change, Batman! Look at that Sale!

Yep. I am having a HUGE sale in my etsy shop . It's time to spring clean!

Small Projects

Just working on a custom order and putting in an offer on yet another house. This one is better. *sigh* House-hunting makes me tired. I haven't had much time or energy to make stuff. I just spend my time collecting supplies for projects I will get to "someday" and cleaning my house. Actually, 'cleaning' isn't correct - household triage is more appropriate of a term. "Can I just put away the refrigerated groceries tonight and leave the rest until tomorrow?"

Times, They Are a-Changin'

We put in an offer on a house last night. Tonight we go and fill out the loan paperwork (we were pre-qualified). Wish us luck.

House Hunting

This is a very non-art/craft blog. My husband, after much cajoling, badgering and force has been house-hunting with me. We don't qualify for a lot so our choices are limited - mostly foreclosures. We have found this one house about three doors down from my sis-in-law's (she watches Kiff for me during the day) that seems really good. The only problem is that it's a short sale. Everything I've read about those say they are miserable and it's best to steer clear of them. Still, we're going to go ahead and put in an offer tonight for the house. Who knows? Maybe it will be all right for us. I've had a feeling for a while now that it's the right time to look for a house. I'm hoping that the peaceful feeling is a sign that it will all work out. (I mean, work out as in GETTING A HOUSE.)

Ready for the Games and I've Made a Friend

Up until 12:20am last night making the rest of the stuff for the Scottish Games to be held here in Bakersfield. I decided to empty out my shop of all its non-moving stuff and offer it for a discount at the games. Maybe it will be different when people see the jewelry in person vs. the Internet. Yes, I know that's ALWAYS going to be different... Anyway, if I'm able to divest myself of the old, I can start anew. Fresh is good! A mosquito hawk has been flying around our house for the past couple of days. Last night it fluttered all around my work table. And then it settled on me. There's something comforting in the fact that an innocent creature of God trusts you. Even if it is a bug.

Folded Books, Book Purses and Ladybug Cakes!

Just because I am not blogging doesn't mean I'm not busy. In fact, the usual reason for NOT blogging is because I'm TOO busy. First off, here's a picture of the book purse I made two weeks ago... I have worked out how to do the sides and the lining now. I was too impatient to work it all out on a purse I didn't care about and did it on this FABULOUS dictionary I found at the Friends book sale - look at that alphabet stamped on the covers. Wahoo! I am looking forward to making more book purses and putting them in my etsy shop . My favorite feature of this purse is the book text handles. :) In other news, my daughter celebrated her 9th birthday on April Fool's Day. She requested a ladybug cake and I fully embraced the opportunity to make a fun cake. I still have problems with getting the fondant thin enough. My relatives who ate the cake were very kind and didn't gag on the mass of sugar gunk in public. Yay them! Here's another sample of the fold