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Update on 101 Goals

Two years ago, I wrote down a list of 101 goals that I wanted to accomplish in 1001 days. I went through my list today and updated it to reflect the stuff I'd finished and my thoughts on a few of the goals. Give up low-class humor at work (I am much better at curbing my rampant earthiness) Personal cookbook (6/12) Do a session in the Sacramento Temple Have a weekend with Brian in Morro Bay 4/12 Make soap (dismal failure and I'm perfectly content to buy my soap here at The Wild Plum ) Read lesson for next Sunday School (40x) (I am in Primary most weeks, so don't go, but that's not a good excuse not to be PREPARED) Save $1000 (I save this and promptly use it to pay some new bill. :( ) Sell badges Buy a Silhouette cutter (not sure if I want to do this anymore now that I've spent my money purchasing a new archival photo printer that was recommended to me by Genine ) Learn Spanish (Learn in your Car)

Natural Dyeing Results

A few days ago, I posted that I was experimenting with natural dyes. I'd gotten the idea from several posts in a lovely blog I follow - lilfish studios . Lisa is an avid dyer using materials gathered from the nearby woods. I, on the other hand, used foodstuffs procured from Walmart. I'm classy like that. In the picture above, I have (from left to right): red onion skins, yellow onion skins, red cabbage with baking soda and last, plain red cabbage. You can see the plaster figures in the dye jars above. When I first pulled them out (after an overnight soak), they were rather disappointing - very pale. I let the plaster dry on my windowsill and forgot about them. A few days later I noticed that the figures were no longer pale. Ta da! I have no idea of the chemistry magic behind this, but I'm glad that I know how to dye my stuff brown, turquoise and light blue if I ever need... Clockwise from top left: yellow skins (terracotta), cabbage with soda (turquois

Mingos and Sharp Parts

My husband has just made his first book available through Amazon ! It's a hilarious account of my son Kiff and his very interesting view of the world. Includes all things important to great literature: sex! violence! pasta! (just kidding about the pasta) For only 99 cents, you too can pee your pants with laughing... :) And learn entirely too much about our parenting style. Please don't call CPS. Thank you.

Plantable Christmas Cards

I wanted to do something different for this month's letter writing venture. It had to be simple and useful. When I write letters, I like to include a recipe or something tangible. Looking in my closet o'goodies, I found the leftover stack of handmade paper I'd made for my library's Mother's Day craft. It's paper infused with flower seeds. Voila! Christmas cards with style!

Natural Dyeing

It wasn't until I took this picture that I realized I haven't cleaned the outside window in a few months! We're going to be doing a presentation at the library about natural dyes. I wanted to dye plaster because that's something we have access to at my branch. I used (from left to right) red onion, yellow onion, red cabbage with baking powder and just plain red cabbage.

Yet Another Paper Ball Ornament Tutorial

This is what you can make. Go! Make!  I did a Pay it Forward Christmas ornament thing this year with a bunch of friends. I decided to do these little paper ornaments. Easy. 15 minutes each. You'll like them. This will be mainly a picture tutorial. I've just finished grading about 800 finals this week and I'm too pooped to pop. Supplies Supplies: Paper Circle punch (I used a variety to make different-sized balls. The balls end up the same size as the original circle. hot glue ribbon ignore the pins. They are not used. How did they get in the picture? Cut out EIGHT circles for each half of the ornament Bend in half like a taco. DO NOT FOLD. Pinch. Fold in quarter. Crease fold. Leave petal ends lovely and round. Dab on hot glue. Do not burn self. (I did not listen to me) Attach next segment. Take care not to squish petals. Just keep adding until you get to the next to the last. Before gluing in last segment, add ribbon,