Yet Another Paper Ball Ornament Tutorial

This is what you can make. Go! Make!
 I did a Pay it Forward Christmas ornament thing this year with a bunch of friends. I decided to do these little paper ornaments. Easy. 15 minutes each. You'll like them. This will be mainly a picture tutorial. I've just finished grading about 800 finals this week and I'm too pooped to pop.


Circle punch (I used a variety to make different-sized balls. The balls end up the same size as the original circle.
hot glue
ignore the pins. They are not used. How did they get in the picture?

Cut out EIGHT circles for each half of the ornament

Bend in half like a taco. DO NOT FOLD. Pinch.

Fold in quarter. Crease fold. Leave petal ends lovely and round.

Dab on hot glue. Do not burn self. (I did not listen to me)

Attach next segment. Take care not to squish petals.

Just keep adding until you get to the next to the last.

Before gluing in last segment, add ribbon, folded over for a loop.
Pretend there is a ribbon in this one. Put glue on BOTH sides and insert last segment.

Ta da! Your first half. You could leave it like this, but I prefer to...

Make another and then put glue in a spiral on the first one and...
Attach second half. Don't worry too much about all the segments lining up.

Make in several sizes. I'm going to add the ribbons to these later. I ran out of ribbon. Yeah.
Admire on your cork board because all of your tables are messy.


Frances said…
The paper ornaments are clever and beautiful, and your tutorial shows you've a fine sense of humor! (I have to admit that hot glue sounds scary to me, though.)

Best wishes.
When it comes to hot glue I usually give myself the same advice and usually ignore it like you do.

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