Update on 101 Goals

Two years ago, I wrote down a list of 101 goals that I wanted to accomplish in 1001 days.

I went through my list today and updated it to reflect the stuff I'd finished and my thoughts on a few of the goals.

  1. Give up low-class humor at work (I am much better at curbing my rampant earthiness)
  2. Personal cookbook (6/12)
  3. Do a session in the Sacramento Temple
  4. Have a weekend with Brian in Morro Bay 4/12
  5. Make soap (dismal failure and I'm perfectly content to buy my soap here at The Wild Plum)
  6. Read lesson for next Sunday School (40x) (I am in Primary most weeks, so don't go, but that's not a good excuse not to be PREPARED)
  7. Save $1000 (I save this and promptly use it to pay some new bill. :( )
  8. Sell badges
  9. Buy a Silhouette cutter (not sure if I want to do this anymore now that I've spent my money purchasing a new archival photo printer that was recommended to me by Genine)
  10. Learn Spanish (Learn in your Car)
  11. Watch all 22 Shakespeare (BBC) DVDs from library (Macbeth, All’s Well, Comedy of Errors, Merchant, Twelfth, Merry Wives, Antony & Cleo,
  12. Work out on Wii 20+ min/day 6 days in a row 50x (I do well with this and then get tired after a few months - perhaps change the expectation?)
  13. Call Ethan every month
  14. Listen to all Jeffrey Holland speeches (the available number keeps going up!)
  15. Make a word quilt
  16. Attend a Fascinating Womanhood class (Carol Tuttle Marriage CD)
  17. Put family recipes on blog (2011)
  18. Remember family birthdays and send cards (now that I do visiting teaching via mail, I want to organize to include family)
  19. Clear out cookbooks (2011)
  20. Do a session in the Redlands Temple
  21. Do five alone activities with Alex
  22. Make mozzarella cheese (2011)
  23. Pay off student loan before 4/13 1/12
  24. Read 3 church books pertaining to Sunday School study
  25. Read 5 Heinlein books
  26. Sell barrettes in shop
  27. Wear size 16 pants again (not by October!)
  28. Create family silhouettes
  29. Give up doing personal things on work time (I can say I NEVER do business stuff, but I have been able to make Pinterest part of my job now! And Facebook, too!)
  30. Learn Excel
  31. Lose 5 lbs (---)
  32. Can fruits (jams) (seems cheaper to purchase at Costco)
  33. Do a session in the San Diego Temple (4/11)
  34. Do five alone activities with Mackenzie (pedicures, shopping, )
  35. Do something creative every day for a week (10)
  36. Organize garage
  37. Pay off Ken (1/11)
  38. Read 1 Agatha Christie book
  39. Sell paper flowers
  40. Paint family watercolor portraits
  41. Give up disliking **** (I do fine with this for a while and they do something that irks me again...)
  42. Lose 10 lbs (---)
  43. Learn to make pickles (9/11)
  44. Date night with husband once a month (12x) (Does going to Walmart count?)
  45. Visit an Eddy twice/month (x20)
  46. Pay off Beth (I'm down really low on this!!!! Only a few more months and it'll be paid off!)
  47. Read 5 Dickens books
  48. Sell book purses
  49. Take the kids to an aquarium
  50. Use or lose stained glass (2011)
  51. Give up eating fast food by myself as a rule
  52. Lose 15 lbs (---)
  53. Re-floor 3 rooms in house (unfortunately, this one involves my husband and I don't know that he cares as much about this as I do)
  54. Write 5 personal letters and mail them (2012)
  55. Can meats (use pressure canner) (again, cheaper to get at Costco?)
  56. Pay off Visa
  57. Prepare lesson week in advance (25x)
  58. Read 70 children’s classics (I think I'm somewhere in the 60's right now - this year's list was horrific for me)
  59. Sell book purse tutorial
  60. Take the kids to Pismo Beach  6/11 (Cayucas – close enough)
  61. Teach Alex five dishes (grilled cheese, bbq wraps, pizza, spaghetti, bread dough)
  62. I will stop trying to save people w/o their perm. (apparently, this is more pervasive of a problem than I first thought)
  63. Lose 20 lbs (---)
  64. Make 5 journals
  65. Read 1 Beatrix Potter biography
  66. Teach Mack five dishes (mac&cheese, cookies, bread, spaghetti, fudge)
  67. Contact VT-ees by 5th of each month (12x) (not necessary anymore now that I write them!)
  68. Crochet a sweater vest
  69. Pay off credit card each month if used (12x) (I think this goal is better after starting clean)
  70. Read 20 SF classics
  71. Sell book folding tutorial  2/11
  72. Take the kids to SF or Half Moon Bay
  73. Get hair done professionally (9/11)
  74. Read 1 CS Lewis biography
  75. Replace paper in leather journal (Dec. 2012)
  76. Teach Kiff to tie his shoes
  77. 100% VT (30x) (I've been 100% now that I'm writing letters)
  78. Get business license and pay taxes
  79. Go to Chinatown in LA with Brian (B. says this isn't really more than a block or two of stores...)
  80. How to change a tire
  81. Read 5 Ray Bradbury books
  82. Sell RAV4
  83. Get pedicure (4/ 2012)
  84. Make a quiet book for Kiff
  85. Read 1 prophet biography
  86. Read to Kiff 3x/week (20x) (HE CAN READ NOW!!!)
  87. Go to Magic Mountain with Brian
  88. Try Thai food/restaurant (2012)
  89. Call Meagan every month
  90. Family book for relatives' kids
  91. Go camping
  92. Read 1 US president biography
  93. Get manicure 4/12
  94. Try Indian food/restaurant
  95. Bake 50 types cookies (I've learned that I don't like anything but chocolate chip now. probably won't finish this one)
  96. Bake 50 types of bread
  97. Paint toenails once a week (15x)
  98. Buy/install drapes in living room
  99. New door in kitchen
  100. Curtains in Kiff's room (I put up hooks and an afghan - does that count?)
  101. Make bedskirt (2011)


Cate Rose said…
Some of these things are bucket-listish. Once you've decided against doing a particular thing, I say remove it from the list. If you decide against doing it for one reason or another, it's complete in my book! Happy New Year!

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