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A Little Bread, a Little Cheese, a Little...

Although I don't drink, I am completely aware of the culture of beauty and elegance that wine supposedly encompasses. I became really aware of the sensuality of wine from the part it plays in my latest book love: A Discovery of Witches . Anyway, I have a librarian/Internet friend who loves wine and all that jazz. This is for her. After I do examples in two more fonts for her to choose. Stop whining , G. :) (get it? WINE-ing?) (See why Mormons don't drink? We'd be punny drunks.)

Works in the Works

Success! I finally conquered the large heart. It turns out it is MUCH simpler than I thought. Isn't that the way everything ought to be? Second of all, I'm doing a couple of large letters for a wedding - R and M. They, too, have turned out FABULOUS! All of these projects will be going into my new tutorial about fancy fonts and shapes. You will be amazed...

Booking Out a Home

I love books - you may have noticed. Since I cannot store all of those books in my home and not all of the paper inside of those books is worthy of folding or making stuff with - or I simply cannot do something with all ONE MILLION BAJILLION books that I have, I came up with the idea to wallpaper my home with the covers of those books.   Thus armed with my trusty staple gun and a box full of carefully removed covers from my favorite-looking books, I proceeded to put them in the entryway of my home. I chose books with covers that referenced things we love or were funny to us. For instance, Dostoyevky's "The Idiot" is under the mirror. Ha ha on whoever sees that while combing their hair!  Then I did a wall in my bedroom over the bed. I decided to do the wall on the window side because I love the light in my room and covering a wall that the sun faced would mean less light in my room and faded book covers relatively soon. I put books that matched me on my si

Bushman for Barter

About a hundred years ago, I agreed to make a book for my sister's friend in exchange for handmade birthday cards. Ha ha! I'm done and it turned out GREAT! I have been thinking about using Kiff as a model to add humanity (or oddity) to my pictures. He certainly adds *something*. Now I'm off to make me some wedding books - MONOGRAMS coming right up!

Fleurs is Good

I found flowers that you can make quickly and that look perty on your wall. I am putting together a thingie on how to do it. In between three special wedding orders (I'm looking at you, Barbara!) and a trade for children's birthday cards. After that, it's a Wine book (I'm looking at YOU, Gina!) and more work on my Fancy Font Tutorial. Then you will be able to make stuffs like never before!!!