Bushman for Barter

About a hundred years ago, I agreed to make a book for my sister's friend in exchange for handmade birthday cards. Ha ha! I'm done and it turned out GREAT!

I have been thinking about using Kiff as a model to add humanity (or oddity) to my pictures. He certainly adds *something*.

Now I'm off to make me some wedding books - MONOGRAMS coming right up!


Allyson said…
I think Kiff is the perfect model. I love seeing what I can of him. Great work sister!! Love your talent.
Mormor Marianne said…
I love your books. Tryed to make som myself but not as beautiful as yours.
Heather Eddy said…
Mormor, let me know if I can help! I'm sure you can get the hang of it!
April Hajek said…
Love it, he is a great addition!! I love conversations with him. Love the book too!

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