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It is hot

Whose bright idea was it to move in July? In Bakersfield? It's hot and I'm almost fully melted. But we've moved almost all the stuff and the apartment is more than halfway clean! Woo hoo!

Heather the Homeowner!

The realtor gave us our keys to our new house today. I had to work all day, but Brian was able to come to the house and change all the locks. He's the best. This is a picture of the two of us unlocking the door to go inside our new home for the first time together. I look miserable, right? In other news, I finished a big project I've been working on - the alphabet! I love how the books are in primary colors - thank you Reader's Digest! I went ahead and listed the set in my etsy shop this evening. Off to bed. Tomorrow we move!

Paper Projects

I've been bookmarking sites with paper projects that I'm dying to try... recycled book lamp 10 Creative Ways to Recycle Old Books Recycled Book Cuffs DIY Scratch-off Lottery Ticket Valentines paper mobiles newspaper flowers Make a picture card holder out of a book (actually, I've done this one - I will take a picture of it and post it later) Paper Heart bead/necklace kusudama bal l In my next life, I actually plan on having time to do all of this...

Whatcha Doing, Cupcake?

We celebrated my sis-in-law's birthday with cupcakes. She likes chocolate, but I didn't have any in my house. Because we're moving soon, I have been trying to use up what I have rather than buying more to move. So I made cherry chip cupcakes and decorated them with the real cherries I had left in my fridge. It was a sacrifice giving them to her because I love cherries. But I guess I love her, too... And yes, I think they look vaguely anatomical.

Alphabet Books

I've got two-thirds of the alphabet done. I think they would look nice as a set in a nursery... Now imagine the following picture with a third book on the bottom with the rest of the alphabet (S-Z). Blue, I think. Here's a pic of me, feeling smarty-pantsish.

Lettered Books

I have perfected my letters for my folded books. Here is my name. I have hung it outside my office door. Now people will know who I am. Oh, wait. Maybe I should make one that says Queen. of the. Library. Speaking of jobs, I seem to have one. Where I will be working (branch location-wise) is still a bit up in the air. Apparently, other Librarian II's have seniority over me and may choose to bump me from this branch. If they do, it's THEIR doom! This place is wicked-busy! I would welcome a change of pace at a podunk branch... (insert maniacal laughter here) In other good news, we got word today that our loan has been officially approved. (insert relieved maniacal laughter HERE)

On a Roll...

It's funny how life works. You would think (or at least *I* would) that with so much going on (escrow, layoffs, ex-drama) that I would have no room in my brain for creative things. And yet, I am full to bursting with new ideas... I figured out how to do letters. I've drawn up the patterns for more than half of the alphabet now (see what insomnia is good for?). Last night I made a mockup of an "O". It turned out well and I have high hopes that I can figure out how to make a "Q" look good eventually.