Whatcha Doing, Cupcake?

We celebrated my sis-in-law's birthday with cupcakes. She likes chocolate, but I didn't have any in my house. Because we're moving soon, I have been trying to use up what I have rather than buying more to move. So I made cherry chip cupcakes and decorated them with the real cherries I had left in my fridge. It was a sacrifice giving them to her because I love cherries. But I guess I love her, too...

And yes, I think they look vaguely anatomical.


Laura Bray said…
Okay, so any friend of Nikki's is a friend of mine, so I hop over and you have cupcakes as your post. Now I know why Nikki loves you so. And I'm quickly becoming a fan myself.
Sara Strand said…
Totally loving the cupcakes!!! And hey- if they look anatomical...even better! :)

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