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Paralyzed From the Brain Down - April 3, 2020

To say the past weeks have been weird is an understatement. I have been trying to work from home, but it's difficult. What's worse is that I'm home more, but am completely unable to paint! I'm paralyzed and I can't figure out what's wrong. My husband says all psychological problems are inherently fixable if you can articulate what the problem is. So when I can't articulate it, I feel worse, like it's only ME standing in the way of feeling better. If only I were smarter.
One fun thing is that my siblings and I are all talking more online. Yesterday we had the best conversation because one never-available-when-we-group-call sibling actually took part! Unfortunately, they also got mad when I took a (lot) screenshots. I touched up one of the screenshots to show how they should really feel about me. 

I'm thinking of downloading some filters for my next meeting at work and looking like the potato lady I can't stop laughing at this picture. 

And laugh…


I'm very pleased with how this is going...

Other Little Books in Progress

Here is a simple circle pattern. I want to try one where the circle is smaller because it's kinda hard to fold the circle's edges so close to the top and bottom of the pages. Bleh.

As my 15-year old so eloquently stated - "That looks like a filter."

Shooting Stars

In addition to little books, I also had some long pieces cut all the way across the book from the spine. With these, I've been experimenting with different ways to fold the paper. It turns out that this particular book I cut wasn't glued very well on the spine (unlike RD books which are VERY well glued!) and the signatures fell apart and the pages began to loosen. I found I was only able to work with about five signatures at a time without them coming apart. A single fold (the long part of the "tail")  turned into a double fold (the longer part of the star) and then, for effect, yet another fold for the little parts. The inside is not very symmetrical and it drives me CRAZY. I'll have to cover it up with a button or something. Still, it's cute.

Little Books Made

I've had a few successes with the little books I had cut up the other day. I think I am making Christmas tree ornaments... I hope.

I have been trying the patterns I used for my basic folded books

I think they look as pretty from the sides as from the front. That makes me wonder how I would put a ribbon through them - what about some that hang like a wheel?

Or I can make pretend snowmen with them...


I made this book for myself to remind me to partake of the blessings life offers and not to just focus on WORK WORK WORK.

Wee Little Books

Bits of books waiting to be turned into...

This and other things...

Little Houses and sketching

A lovely weekend - I was able to do a bit more sketching and watercoloring.

I love little houses.

I have done more on my lowercase letters pattern set. I completed the final samples this morning but just didn't have it in me to take photographs. I was likely to throw the camera across the room. It's weird how you can love doing something... until you don't!

I got some of my energy back for it tonight and worked a bit on the layout for the .pdf. It's looking nice so far, but I keep thinking of more examples that should go in it!

To get out of the house for a little while I went to Office Max to get more books cut for my future Christmas ornament folded books. This time, I got someone who was willing to cut even the glued edges. It cost me a pretty penny, but it was worth it not to have to use my scroll saw to make uneven, noisy, dusty cuts.

I made a sample ornament tonight - a very simple design (Eternity) just to see how the size of the cut portion worked. It look…

Update on Lowercase Letters Pattern Set

Lest anyone think that I am just able to make patterns up perfectly the first time, here is a glimpse of a particularly tough letter for me to figure out. I got it right after the sixth (SIXTH) try.

Today I have finished drawing the finished patterns on grids and am ready to make the final examples of the letters so I can take pictures. When I am making up prototypes, trying out the patterns my letters are multiplied, torn out, skipped, repeated and generally not nice to look at in my sample books. I use my ugliest Readers Digest books for those. heh heh heh.

Here is another stab at the bookshelf paintings. This is a work in progress - I only have the first layers of color down, but I am MUCH more pleased with the colors on this one. I tried limiting myself to only a few colors and using each of them with the others to create new colors. I'm especially pleased with the leaning books on that bottom shelf.