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I'm Back, But a Little Quieter

Me and my sister a Long Time Ago  For those of you who don't follow me on Facebook , you may not know that I got a surprise phone call on Friday, October 17th, telling me that one of my sisters had died unexpectedly in her sleep that morning. To say the news was shocking was an understatement. (BTW, any of you having to tell a family member about a death should MAKE THAT PERSON GET SOMEONE ELSE IN THE ROOM WITH THEM SO THEY ARE NOT ALONE!) I am the oldest sibling of six girls and a caboose of a boy. Meagan was #4 in our family and had been having health problems for years. It was mostly of the knee/foot/fibromyalgia type of illness. She was always in pain, on medication, having a medical procedure, etc. Unfortunately, it also made her not be able to take care of her family. The Monday before her death, Meagan had knee replacement surgery. She was really looking forward to this as it would FINALLY allow her some mobility and the chance to actually be a mom to her kids. Th


I'm working on flowers. I'm using wallpaper and maps and scrapbook paper. I think I need a million of them. (Learn how to make these here!)

Acorns and Oak Trees

I play piano for the little kids' Sunday School at church. That means I also get to see Kenneth during Sharing Time (when the little kids are all in one room for singing time and a shared lesson). He sits in his class of other 6-7 year-olds with a teacher who doesn't quite know what to do with him. I peeked over the piano yesterday because I could hear Kenneth talking out loud instead of listening to the lesson. I heard "fold my book." To my consternation (a very familiar feeling when it comes to Kenneth), I saw him folding his Book of Mormon. My eyes bugged out in a very un-churchy way and I got his teacher's attention, motioning to have him send the kid over to me. Kenneth comes over, very excited to show me that he's folding his Book of Mormon. After assuring him that I was proud of his artistic endeavors, I gave him a quick lesson on appropriate materials for folding. "We don't fold books we want to read or use." And we don't vandalize

Watercolors, ho!

I don't have a good camera right now because it is being persnickety (Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't), so I'm making do with my tablet's camera. I nearly always have a big pile of paintings I'm working on. When I sit down to paint, I look through the pile and choose a few to work on. Tonight's assortment of paintings went through a shocking series of twists and turns. I painted on them for a while and then started laying down colored pencil. My favorite pencil is the white one - it blends everything together and it looks almost like oils in parts... In other news, I'm making tons and tons of Folded flowers. Here's a sneak peek: