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Just a Bit o' Nuthin'

One of my current favorite patterns...

Help! Need advice!

I have now taken pictures of all my folded books and have them just about ready to post on Etsy. Here's the problem I'm facing: Do I set up a separate shop on Etsy with JUST my folded books? I ask because I now have such a repetoire of folded books. It seems justifiable. I already have a couple of other Etsy shops that are empty and ready to go. I could do it, but I don't know that I should! I'm looking for comments on this. **later, to clarify** I am concerned about my shop having a lack of cohesion. Are the two things I do sufficiently alike to merit keeping them in the same shop? Do I *have* to have two shops to showcase completely different items? If I want to start selling book purses and book ornaments is that too many types of things? If all my items have to do with recycled books, is that okay even with the jewelry? I don't want a garage sale. Thanks for the help so far...

Why I Haven't Been Blogging

It had been my hope to have all of my paper beads and jewelry made up for my Etsy shop by the time school started. Then came that big commission and I haven't been able to really catch up! And I've never thought that pictures of my in-progress work for the beads is in any way interesting! Anyway, I just wanted you all to know that I'm alive and well. And working madly on beads. The left container has ones that are already photographed (relistings for Etsy), but the right one... well you probably can guess. And, of course, that's the one that is the fullest. *sigh* So, I spend my evenings grading papers, doing the Wii (I'm still doing it nearly every day since July 7th!!!), reading scriptures with Brian and Kiff and doing beads. I'm hoping that I can get a solid core of stock - one that I will have pictures of and can simply make replenishing stock for... you know, streamline my business so it's not so labor-intensive. Then I can spend more time with my husba

Being Righteous in the Dark

Yesterday I was listening to a talk by Neal A. Maxwell about meekness. Normally I don't care for that topic, but there is something about the depth of this man's intelligence that makes me want to listen to everything he wrote/spoke so I can glean something from it, regardless of topic. I was listening as I played a game on the computer, but some part of my consciousness was paying attention enough to be floored by something that was said: I turn now to an excerpt from President Brigham Young's secretary's journal for a choice insight brought to my attention by Professor Ronald Esplin. When asked in conversation, "Why are men left alone and often sad? Why is not God always at man's side promoting universal happiness at least for His Saints? Why does not God do everything for man?" President Young responded concerning how man's divine destiny requires individual experience and practice in learning "to act as an independent being"--to s