Help! Need advice!

I have now taken pictures of all my folded books and have them just about ready to post on Etsy. Here's the problem I'm facing:

Do I set up a separate shop on Etsy with JUST my folded books?

I ask because I now have such a repetoire of folded books. It seems justifiable. I already have a couple of other Etsy shops that are empty and ready to go. I could do it, but I don't know that I should!

I'm looking for comments on this.

**later, to clarify**

I am concerned about my shop having a lack of cohesion. Are the two things I do sufficiently alike to merit keeping them in the same shop? Do I *have* to have two shops to showcase completely different items? If I want to start selling book purses and book ornaments is that too many types of things? If all my items have to do with recycled books, is that okay even with the jewelry?

I don't want a garage sale.

Thanks for the help so far...


Hmmm. Well, what are your reasons for wanting to put them in a second shop? My immediate thought was that you have a bunch of sales in your existing shop and over 1200 people that "favorite" you. That's a lot of potential exposure for your books vs. starting anew under a new shop name. I'd be hesitant to branch out unless you are trying to brand yourself differently with the books. Having the book jewelry and the book art together still makes a cohesive shop in my mind.
Heather Eddy said…
I think that is my main concern - am I cohesive?

I don't want my shop to seem like a garage sale - a little bit of a whole lotta different things...

Hence the question to Blogland for an objective look and answer.

Leah said…
I've asked myself the same question about adding things other than my original focus to my shop, and I agree with Lisa. It would be a shame to give up your good rep at your current shop. It seems to me that since everything you do or are thinking of doing has to do with books that there is no disconnect. Variety is the spice of life. The more the merrier. I say keep the one shop and just make sections.

lynn bowes said…
I just visited (and marked as a favorite!) your etsy shop and I think what ties your lovely jewelry with your folded books is your photography. I think it all blends extremely well and I'd definitely list it all under one shop.

Such gorgeous work, by the way. I'm already making out my Christmas list and, baby, you're on my buying list!

:: lynn ::
Holly said…
yep, I agree, same shop - two categories. :)

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