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Crown Pattern!

Here is March's free folded book pattern - ONLY 26 DAYS LATE!!!!

Thank you. Thank you very much...

This is a crown pattern, one that will be useful for all those princesses, princes and royal whatevers you have in your life.


Click on the above image to print out and make one for yourself!

Quiet and Thoughtful

For several weeks now, my mother in law has been ill. The last time she went into the hospital it was decided to stop taking extreme measures and let her live out the rest of her life at home with hospice. I was fortunate enough to be able to stay the night with her a couple of times to help out.

This morning she died. I went over to the house (they only live a mile away) to be with the rest of the family until the mortuary could come pick her up.

She looked so peaceful there on the couch. I looked at my mom-in-law and felt such gratitude to have known her. She really loved me and I knew it. It feels so good to be loved without any thought of having to earn it or pay for it.

Good-bye, Joan. I love you. I bet you are having the time of your... real life? right now...

Read in Fancy Font Complete!

Here is the completed special order for my customer who asked if I could copy this. Because I don't really like to copy, but to do one better, we decided on a different font. The picture I showed a few days ago was my first draft and didn't have enough pages in the book to make the curl at the end. THIS ONE DID!!!! And it looks so nice to my eyes. I'm quite proud of this Read and feel that it captures how I feel about the word.

Now, to do this month's free pattern. ONLY 17 days late so far!!!

Wordless Wednesday


Last Orders!

This morning I finished up my last orders and took them to the post office... I can't wait to see how the next step of my life goes with the folded books. :)

Read in Fancy Font Day 2

Here's a peek of the Read book in fancy font after I worked on it for a bit last night. I was distracted after a little while by a little boy building an Operation game. It was a picture of him (that looked an awful lot like the guy on the real Operation game) and he had a pineapple, a heart, intestines, a pancreas and dog food that you had to get out with tweezers. uber cool.

Here's a bit o' explanation of what's going on in the above picture.

Read in Fancy Font

I am working on a special order right now to do Read in fancy font. These orders are both harder and easier in a way than working from a pattern. Anyone want to know how to do it themselves?

And I KNOW that I still haven't done this month's free pattern yet - hold your horses! I'm working on this order, two last bead orders and sending that part of my life to my sister out in New Jersey. After that, FOLDED BOOKS AHEAD!


For a few months now I've been toying with the idea of turning the word jewelry part of my Etsy shop over to my sister, April. I was all gung-ho for it and then I decided to keep it a little longer. Yesterday morning I woke up and knew it was time to hand the reins over to her. I called her and she said, "of course,"  and let me know that it was an answer to a prayer she had for earning a bit of extra cash for a project she has in mind.

I've been making beads since October of 2007 - four and a half years. I wondered, when I started the Etsy shop, how long people did this sort of thing. Did their shops stay the same forever or not? Etsy never struck me as the type of place you HAD to stay the same. Still, I was content until the last year or so when the folded books started growing more and more important to me.

Then it was like serving two masters. I could love the one and hate the other or hate the one and love the other. I definitely could not put the same amount o…

Walking in a Wadi

A couple of years ago, my family and I went to the outskirts of Bakersfield to play in the foothills. It was covered with flowers and I thought I would go out today to see what flowers there were now. After all, it is Spring.

I forgot one important thing needed for flowers. Rain. Yup. It's a desert/drought right now. Not wanting to waste the opportunity of exploring, I went around with Kenneth seeing what there was to see in the dead grasses.

There are trails all over the foothills made by made by mad 4-wheelers. (Brian and I went out here ourselves in his truck before we were married. To look at the stars. And hold hands. :)  And SMOOCH WITHOUT ANYONE BUGGING US!)

Kiff had brought along an old magnetic chore chart I had. It was a "map" and he kept showing me where we were. 

A little ways downhill, we noticed a hole. It wasn't a hole, but an access point into the dried-out riverbed. Wadi is the biblical term for this and I'm excited to have the opportunity to u…

Paper Flowers

It was February for-e-ver and then it was over. Oops. I'll get the free monthly pattern out quick as I can. See why I'm not self-employed? I'd STARVE!