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Folding Books

I've been working on a special order for several weeks now. It's an experiment in using a special font - what a rollercoaster ride of emotions during the whole thing! I don't know that I did it well enough for continuing, but I'm going to keep working on it for myself at least. Also, I've been putting off doing my tutorial for the folded books. Brian suggested I shut down my Etsy shop for a couple of weeks to focus completely on the tutorial... I think it's a good idea. I really want to get it done... Speaking of publishing things, last summer, the week before we moved into our house, I got an unexpected email from Jason Thompson of Rag and Bone Bindery . He told me that he was in the midst of writing a book about using books for art, had seen my alphabet books and wanted to add them to the book. Flattered? YES! Was it possible? Mmm... maybe. I rushed to get pictures taken and uploaded to his publisher's server. The book came out this week and I bought a cop

Putting Your Heart Out There

When I set up my Etsy shop back in October of 2007, I was nervous as heck. It's one thing to make handmade items as gifts - people can't complain. This week has been tough as I've had two people make comments about stuff I've made and sold to them. It's hard to be professional when you read completely out-of-the-blue vitriolic vindictiveness from complete strangers. What makes it okay to be like that? I make sure my products have good pictures and appropriate descriptions. I've had lots of sales from people who've been happy with what they've received. Why is it that people feel compelled to tell me that my work is no good - when the things they have problems with are not problems, but the way things are with what I make? Paper beads are made of paper and have paper-like qualities. They are not going to be like glass beads. They are not going to be like polymer clay beads. They are most definitely not going to be like machine-made, mass-produced, made i

When the Worst is Over

I've had a special order that I've been mulling over for more than two weeks now. A customer wanted a folded book with the theme of her business as the word. The problem was that it was a long word - longer than any other I've done. I kept worrying about how to do it for days and days. I finally just told myself to do it the other day and, guess what. It looks terrific! Oh, a weird thing about my ABC books - they were in my shop for 9 months and were bought last week. This week I've had three emails from people wanting to buy them. Weird. (Happy, but weird!) When will I have time? I'm having envy for the unemployed people who come to my library. I want their time... (and I want to keep my paycheck)

Finally! Stitch Markers!

It's only taken me two weeks... yeah. But I don't knit. Anyone know if these look right? Holly? The loops are 10mm...


I don't think I will ever have time again... Drowning! But, working on stitch markers for the shop... stay tuned!