When the Worst is Over

I've had a special order that I've been mulling over for more than two weeks now. A customer wanted a folded book with the theme of her business as the word. The problem was that it was a long word - longer than any other I've done. I kept worrying about how to do it for days and days. I finally just told myself to do it the other day and, guess what.

It looks terrific!

Oh, a weird thing about my ABC books - they were in my shop for 9 months and were bought last week. This week I've had three emails from people wanting to buy them. Weird. (Happy, but weird!) When will I have time? I'm having envy for the unemployed people who come to my library. I want their time... (and I want to keep my paycheck)


RoMo said…
I can't read it...
Heather Eddy said…
It's part of the word "typography". :)

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