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I've been meaning to...

For a while now, I've been following the doings of this one artist Lisa of c-urchin or seaurchin . Her work is just so pristine and thoughtful. It's true what they say about the more you think about something, the more likely you are to do it yourself - well, that's true in that I finally bought one of her pieces - not the one I want the most, but a beginning... I'm so happy to live in this day and age of blogs. When I first heard about blogs umpteen months/years ago, I was appalled. I thought they were simply online journals. What arrogance and exhibitionism would a person need to post something like that? Ewww! Now I know a bit more and love to search out etsy artists whose work I love and catch their blogs. Every day I check out bugsandfishes , lilfishstudios , refabulous and a few others to see what they are doing. It's so inspiring to see another person's work and find that the artist herself is someone admirable, too. More people to learn from and ab

Pretty necklaces

I've been busy working away at stocking my Etsy shop. I've had several new designs in the works for some time now and have gotten around to making them up and listing them. This is my favorite of the recent additions! More later.