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A Very Merry Christmas to All!

A very Merry Christmas to all from sunny California! May we all remember all the reasons we have to celebrate this upcoming year...

Busy, But No Sunshine To Take Pictures!

This is the year of the paper rose ornament. I wish the pictures would show all the twinkles from the glitter sparkling in the sunshine! This new job of mine takes me away from home from 7:45 - 5pm. That means the sun is only up with I'm at work. It also means that I can only take pictures on the weekends. This weekend is the first I've been home in about a month. Feels great! I love the pale lilac color of this one. It's quiet and ghostly. I ran out of pearlized pins so substituted with these ancient ones I got from a relative once upon a time. Probably Bakelite! They weren't quite long enough to hold the roses in place, so I had to use plain pins on the bottom/sides to keep them from falling off. Last, but not least - a pretty Easter-colored confection.