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Paralyzed From the Brain Down - April 3, 2020

To say the past weeks have been weird is an understatement. I have been trying to work from home, but it's difficult. What's worse is that I'm home more, but am completely unable to paint! I'm paralyzed and I can't figure out what's wrong. My husband says all psychological problems are inherently fixable if you can articulate what the problem is. So when I can't articulate it, I feel worse, like it's only ME standing in the way of feeling better. If only I were smarter.
One fun thing is that my siblings and I are all talking more online. Yesterday we had the best conversation because one never-available-when-we-group-call sibling actually took part! Unfortunately, they also got mad when I took a (lot) screenshots. I touched up one of the screenshots to show how they should really feel about me. 

I'm thinking of downloading some filters for my next meeting at work and looking like the potato lady I can't stop laughing at this picture. 

And laugh…

Wedding Bouquet

After weeks - yes, WEEKS of agonizing over this, I've finally finished my friend's wedding bouquet. Gina is a librarian who used to work in my library system. I visited her branch in Fresno one day while I attended a professional meeting. There was a beautiful display of a book turning into a butterfly (the pages were ripped out and, one by one, looked more and more butterfly-like). I called the library later to find out who'd done the artwork and was given Gina's email address. From there, we've shared book art, funny library stories and I've followed her blog and some of her life. She's since moved on to greater library systems and is now getting hitched to a great guy. 
We've never met in person.

When she asked me to do this, I accepted without thinking. And then, I thought about it and HAD NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. Text pages, map pages and purple. Oh, and gold. I made lots of little flowers to figure out what to make and decided on the simple spiral ro…

This is What Happens When...

... you sit at the computer more than you sit at your art table...

She thinks it's her own private sleeping place...

Wedding Flowers

A librarian friend asked me to make her wedding bouquet. I've never done this before so I'm a bit nervous. She wants purple and maps. I'm going to make most of the flowers out of text with accents of map flowers and bursts of purple. It's nighttime now so the picture isn't prof quality.

I made postcards for my visiting teachers this month out of more stamps. I'd love to get something like this in the mail!