Read in Fancy Font Complete!

Here is the completed special order for my customer who asked if I could copy this. Because I don't really like to copy, but to do one better, we decided on a different font. The picture I showed a few days ago was my first draft and didn't have enough pages in the book to make the curl at the end. THIS ONE DID!!!! And it looks so nice to my eyes. I'm quite proud of this Read and feel that it captures how I feel about the word.

Now, to do this month's free pattern. ONLY 17 days late so far!!!


Nelly Kelly said…
It's so beautiful! You are amazing
Heather Eddy said…
Ohhhhh... thank you!
whitesilkpurse said…
Absolutely stunning. Good work!
Ann Martin said…
Oh that's so nice - lovely!
Frances said…
I think that what you are creating does have a bit of magic in it! There is no way that I would have enough skill, patience and steady cutting hands to do what you have done.


One thing that I can do is ... enjoying reading, since the age of five.

Best wishes.
Dorothy said…
Please, please! Write a tutorial for this project! I'd buy it in a hot flash!
Cindy C Bennett said…
Do you have a pattern or tutorial for this for sale?

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