Being Righteous in the Dark

Yesterday I was listening to a talk by Neal A. Maxwell about meekness. Normally I don't care for that topic, but there is something about the depth of this man's intelligence that makes me want to listen to everything he wrote/spoke so I can glean something from it, regardless of topic.

I was listening as I played a game on the computer, but some part of my consciousness was paying attention enough to be floored by something that was said:

I turn now to an excerpt from President Brigham Young's secretary's journal for a choice insight brought to my attention by Professor Ronald Esplin. When asked in conversation, "Why are men left alone and often sad? Why is not God always at man's side promoting universal happiness at least for His Saints? Why does not God do everything for man?" President Young responded concerning how man's divine destiny requires individual experience and practice in learning "to act as an independent being"--to see what we will do, whether we will be "for God or not"--and in developing our own resources. Such experiences will teach us to be "righteous in the dark--to be a friend of God" (Brigham Young Office Journal, 28 January 1857).

It had never occured to me WHY God doesn't do more for us. I have been under the impression my whole life that once I conquered a fault it would no longer be difficult for me to do whatever it was. It would be easy. Some people have issues with paying tithing. I don't and thought that it was because I had "overcome" whatever that is when you have a problem with it. It's hard for me to exercise. I do not enjoy it. Therefore, I haven't overcome this.

But, wait a minute. We need to develop our own resources and learn to be righteous in the dark? Doesn't that mean that we need to do the right thing all the time, easy for us or not? And WHAT IF IT NEVER GETS EASY FOR US! What if this is as good as it's going to get for me - exercising and hating every minute of it. Not losing weight no matter how much I exercise. Is that a reason for me to stop doing it? Can I be righteous even in the dark?

Thoughts to ponder, definitely. While walking on the Wii...


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