Fleurs is Good

I found flowers that you can make quickly and that look perty on your wall. I am putting together a thingie on how to do it.

In between three special wedding orders (I'm looking at you, Barbara!) and a trade for children's birthday cards. After that, it's a Wine book (I'm looking at YOU, Gina!) and more work on my Fancy Font Tutorial. Then you will be able to make stuffs like never before!!!


Maria Johns said…
I am glad you are back! We missed you.
Anonymous said…
Heather, they will look even better if you reinforce the last little folds with a bone folder, so the petals lay flatter and look neater. Good job, though. Would like to see your Tutorial, and have something good to point to. There is now a video out there, but it's not the best and doesn't even show the last step.

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