Jacob's Dream

Before I added the words.
 I've been worrying this drawing for a few days now. When I first read the story of Jacob's dream (Genesis 28), I couldn't figure out what to do - ladders, wrestling with angels, etc. The part that talks about a house is after Jacob wakes up and says that the place he is in is God's place.

After I added the words. I wish I could redo the words to a lighter color.

 So I decided to paint a desert (because that's where I *imagine* Jacob to have been (with stones for his pillows) and use the words of the scripture to draw a house. If you think about it, God is everywhere and we just need to remember that.

Today was Kenneth's last day of Kindergarten. I took a picture of him in the same clothes and show the first and last day's pictures side by side. He's grown!!!


Allyson said…
Oh he is such a cutie. Can't believe how much he is grown.
Unknown said…
I just love the Jacobs ladder and it is profound meaning can be seen in the picture.

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