Watercolors in Very Bright Light

A VERY busy weekend - going to the temple for the first time in MONTHS. Anyway, dibs and dabs of time to paint. I tried painting very early in the morning, but the sun casts harsh shadows and I found that I couldn't do anything! My hand kept blocking my painting as I tried to work.

In a nutshell, this week's work has focused on getting back to a plainer, clearer form of painting, like I used to do with only clear watercolors.

 Fewer layers. This one actually had a lot of white in it, so it didn't *really* follow the rule. I tried using yellow and alizirin crimson in the sky.

The sky's a bit muddy, but I think it's okay...

Another thing I never did with my original watercolors was experiment/use so many blooms. I see now how much I like them. It busies it up a lot - hmmm....

This started out to be a book painting. Then it turned into trees. I'm not sure - it looks a bit contrived.

I need to work on folded books again! I'm getting lopsided with my art doing.


Wongeee said…
I like the third one above because of the colors of the sky!

I'm going to have to show Alicia when she gets home, as she's doing lots of house paintings too...I'll have to scan some for you!

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