For the Love of Dove

I have a confession: I love Dove chocolate.

My husband knows of this love affair. For our first anniversary, he bought me a large glass vase and filled it with Dove chocolates. It is my favorite gift to date. There were probably 200 little pieces of chocolate in there. Do you know how long 200 little pieces of chocolate last? Not long enough.

While I was pregnant, it didn't taste good. I looked forward to the end of pregnancy both to see my baby and have my tastebuds return to normal... Although I want another baby, I really do consider the fact that I will lose my taste for chocolate again.

I have a bag by my bed at night so that I can eat a few (hundred) while I do a puzzle before going to sleep. It's the treat I give myself so I feel special. Because that smooth creamy chocolate melting in my mouth is the most dreamy sensation.


Halahblue said…
My butt would probably have thanked me if I'd lost my taste for chocolate during this pregnancy. Unfortunately, now 7 months along, I just went to buy one size bigger maternity pants because I outgrew ALL the others I had.

I blame Dove...certainly can't be the gallons of strawberries I've been consuming daily. ;-)

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