One Step Forward and 50 BAZILLION Steps Back

You know how you have plans: I am going to update my shop with all the pictures I've taken of my products! Yee ha!

I've taken pictures of everything I've made so far.

Three weeks ago.

They are in several different folders now on my desktop because I've been taking some of them on a flash drive to work to edit on my breaks. And I don't remember what name I gave them the first time I edited them and saved them and then end up editing a second (or even third) set of pictures of the SAME THING and it looks like I change my mind what size I want to make the pictures and then I look and realize that I don't have enough pictures of that one particular piece and that other picture is a bit fuzzy, but should I list it anyways?

And now I just looked at all my folded book pictures and realized that I made them a different way than I did before, so my descriptions/prices are no longer accurate. So, do I make a new listing for the new (cheaper) version and then do another sculpture of the original (more expensive) one and take the pictures, edit, post them AGAIN and can you see the problem?

I will never get organized. I will die with all of these pictures undone. And only half of my stock photographed and the rest moldering UNKNOWN and UNLOVED forever. And my life in a shambles. And dogs and cats will live together and the world will end as we know it.

At times like this I would really like to just get in the car and leave everything. Then I'd like to come back to a clean house, with dinner made, a candle burning and no one home. Quiet. Peaceful.

And when I feel better, I'll let my family come back.


Jackie said…
I have had those days!
Dogs and cats living together --Pffft! Never happen. :>)
(love your stuff)

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