Update on Tutorial

This post is mostly for Nancy (thank goodness for you!) who reminds me often of my responsibility to share my knowledge of the book arts with the world in general. :)


I have conquered the basic organization of the tutorial. It will be based on four basic patterns from which most of my sculptures are made. I will be making examples of the basic patterns in three stages of progress (the pattern, half done and fully done). Of the nine examples I need to do up, two are finished and a third is in progress. (I'll be working on more during church tomorrow - I swear I think better and concentrate on the talks better with my hands doing *something*)

Something I have to decide is how to write patterns. First you fold here and then you fold here. How do I name the folds? How do I describe the directions in the patterns? Do I take a picture and then draw arrows with directions? (NO!) What I really want to avoid is pretentiousness and preciousness.


In other news, I finished the BIG special order. Ha! Done! And I have some paper flowers I'm anxious to try making for Christmas. More on *that* later!


Nancy said…
I can hardly wait. I will be the first in line to purchase your tutorial when it becomes available! Like I have mentioned before, I am a very patient person (right now I am trying to teach myself 3D origami - talk about needing patience - so many little pieces of paper), my motto is "anything worth having is worth waiting for".
sherambles said…
Thanks for getting my BIG special order finished so fast, Heather! If that's procrastinating, I wish I were a procrastinator like you. I'm so excited to see them for real, they look so great in the picture.

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