Pomp and Circumstance

My husband graduated from college on Saturday! It was his goal to finish school before he was 40 - and he made it with a few weeks to spare. Hurray for him!

Before Brian and I got married, he confessed to me that he'd always wanted to go to college, but that it hadn't been encouraged by his parents. His father was a staunch law enforcement guy and, to please him, Brian went right into a job for the Sheriff's department after high school. Needless to say, law enforcement was NOT the right career for Brian. He said that it made him into a person he didn't like being. The person he became made some bad choices and law enforcement ended up booting him from that career path.

Then he met me and college became a possibility again. One day I came home from work and Brian announced to me that he was starting school online the next day. Since then, he's balanced work and family and church and school very well. He's passed all of his classes with screaming A's and discovered a real talent for writing. (If he had his choice, he'd write for a living and let people pay him for his opinions... *snort*)

Anyway, I'm proud of my husband.


Unknown said…
Congratulations to him! Quite an achievement - and what an example for the kids.

Debra in Dayton

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