Super Endings and Super Beginnings! December 31, 2019

What a fabulous day. 
What a fabulous year.
What a fabulous decade.
What a fabulous life.

I feel ready to start the new year and am excited to practice living my best life yet.

My husband buys my clothes because I'm not very good at it.
On the other hand, I do buy my nails.(see what I did there?) Thank you Impress Nails!

Today was full of food and art and family and anticipation. I made chicken & garlic mushrooms with garlic Parmesan dutch baby. I get all the mushrooms to myself because no one else likes them. I made cranberry salsa in case we decided to get festive tonight (obviously we didn't - going to bed at 10pm is kinda un-festive)
Garlic-Parmesan Dutch Baby

A rather unflattering picture of  manna from Heaven - chicken and seared mushrooms

Cranberry salsa - it looks a little like raw meat here because the cranberries were still frozen.
When I brought it out tonight, it was a deep claret red and delicious. It counts as a vegetable.
My sweet niece from Alaska messaged me today and we had a long message chain back and forth for a half hour. We rarely get to connect due to family weirdnesses and these few times per year that communication opens is just the best. I kinda wish she was my kid... (sorry Beth!)

She looks exactly like her mom and nothing like me. If I stole her, people would know...
After my chat with the niece, I got to work on my art for a while. I'm still stalling doing anything real by organizing and preparing. Oh my goodness - I can prepare until the cows come home. There's always some other thing I can do to help something else be better. Does that make sense? Anyway, I organized my notebook with colored tabs so I can see where my notes for different classes are instead of thumbing through the pages each time. I made this sketchbook/notebook/thing from a stack of printer paper that I glued/perfect bound and then attached to a Reader's Digest cover. I used DUCT TAPE to put it all together. My past self just died - duct tape is probably not archival and it definitely isn't "craftsmanship". I love it. 
Ooh, pretty

It's funny being 51 years old and still feeling the same way I did as a teenager or young adult or older adult. We are eternal beings, that's for sure.

The white jar on the left has cookies. I'm prepared.
Spiritual enlightenment:   The War Goes On & The Love and Laws of God


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