No Art-ing Today! (but here are some pretty pictures) - December 15, 2019

Try as I might, not every day has art-making in it. On the third Sunday of each month, I play organ for our church congregation. Today we sang Christmas carols - it's my favorite month of the year! I enjoy singing them more than playing only because I'm still nervous each time I play in front of everyone. One nice thing about growing up is that I'm not as embarrassed as I used to be when I make a mistake.

Every other week we have a standing appointment to go over to Brian's dad's house and visit. I really like my in-laws! Ken and Barb (yes, their real names) are kind and fun. Their home is beautiful and clean (aaahhh....) and decorated for the holidays. I love the feeling in their home.

We still haven't put our tree up yet. Maybe I can bribe the 12yo to do it after school tomorrow... (how much Dr. Pepper would that cost me? Is it worth it?)

After visiting the in-laws Brian and I went to Martin Hansen's house for gospel study. Today we were studying Revelations. My study of Jewish culture is sporadic at best and their use of symbolism really confuses me. I am not sure where to find good resources to learn about what I'm reading - so much of what people write is a mix of fact and opinion that I can't tell what is truth.

A funny thing about truth - I don't know that there's anyone who really gets it right. Even church authorities get it wrong sometimes (that is a hard thing to swallow) or I realize that I'm confusing doctrine with practice and, and, and.... Anyway, I think that intention matters more. Trying to understand and keeping an open mind for new information is important.

I learned tonight that the four horsemen are actually leaders of the different dispensations - Enoch is the white horseman, Noah is the red one, Moses is black and the pale one is - darn, I can't remember. Anyway, seals and dispensations and suns darkening and moons turning to blood. Apocalypse is from the root apo meaning "remove" and kalypto means "cover" or "veil". Apocalypse is uncovering the veil - probably to give us knowledge and understanding.

That being said, it's late and I haven't been home much. Tomorrow is a long day at work (6-hour meeting) and I have to get some shut-eye. I have two dental appointments this week and I'm looking forward to them both being DONE. Finally this tooth pain will be over. (hopefully)


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