The Invisible Hot Mess- December 16, 2019

My phone is dead, dead, dead. I can't show what is on my desk which is just as well since tonight's endeavors ended up being a lot of nonsense!

It's easy to get down on myself when I have nonproductive art nights. Recently I read this quote in Josie Lewis' book The New Color Mixing Companion:

"When you do something, anything, habitually, you will get very good at how you do it. Like a river finding its course, you will find a unique path to your own expression. This is a highly satisfying journey. However, no water: no river gorge. You need to turn on your tap by working (or, if you prefer, playing) to get the flow. When you first turn on the spout, your water will be running across a flat plane with no distinct quality or identity, picking up mud and debris until all you have is a hot mess. This is normal. The only way to clean it up and start to create an adorable little trickle that turns into a creek that turns into a brook that turns into a river is to keep making."

Tonight my tap made a hot mess. Tomorrow I'll turn the water on again and see what happens.  And then I'll do it again the next night. Etc, etc, etc.

Here are some watercolors I made years ago.


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