A Christmas Cold - December 23, 2019

It was the last day of work before Christmas break (our county gives us the days between Christmas and New Year's off with pay instead of raises 🙄 😁) and a cold that's been sniffing at my heels for a couple of days has a bigger hold on me tonight.

That being the case, I'm reminded of a story Alexandra Stoddard related in one of her books (she has lots).  When she'd work herself a bit too much, it would catch up to her in the form of a cold. Being sick forced her to slow down. I think of that on those rare occasions I get sick - I have no choice but to relax! 

The problem with that is that I'm not heading off the illness proactively by taking more downtime. 

This coming year I think I will be actively trying to simplify. I've already started by sharing the cooking duties at home and not having such high standards of cleanliness that I'm constantly cleaning.  I've gone through several of my books,  weeding them out. The job of minimizing is a process and I'll just keep going.

My motto is KISS: Keep It Simple & Serene 


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