Motivation - December 28, 2019

It's funny how one thing you read a million years ago sticks with you and informs so many of your daily choices.

A long time ago I read an article in Martha Stewart's Living about collections. The author of the article (maybe even Martha herself!) said something to the effect of one item is an item. A mass of the same item is a collection and it has gravitas. I find this to be true, which might be why it sticks in my mind. It may have something to do with a body of work that an artist produces - one painting is meh, but a bunch of paintings is a portfolio. :)

I started painting these little hearts in September. I've done about 25 of them so far and only one was so bad that I turned it over and used it for something else. Tonight I stuck all of them up on my closet door to see them together.

The effect was astonishing to me. One heart is boring, but as a whole, this set is delicious!

It makes me want to do more.

But I am suffering from malaise of the worst sort. I want to paint, but then I absolutely do NOT want to paint. I'm a contradiction.


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