Fernscapes - December 5, 2019

It turned out! Matte white acrylic paint is my friend. I love how it gives it a richer, more painterly look. Oil paintings have a quality that I both love and don't love - the acrylic gives me the part I like. 

This painting has several layers to it - the drawing, the watercolor,  acrylic paint, water-soluble graphite and then the part that made it pop: watercolor stick. The lavender on the leaves was just what it needed.

Reading: not a darn thing
Learning: how to keep out of other people's business (a lifelong weakness, in afraid)
Working: December's book orders (25!) And still not done with the PowerPoint for tomorrow's all-staff meeting 😭
Playing:  Roller coaster Tycoon (so many feels)
Worry: my tooth hurts and i can't get to the dentist until next week. I just tell myself the worst that can happen is that I lose the tooth. If it really hurts, I can go to urgent care.  Again. 
Secret thoughts: I'm so relieved about that relationship that broke. Guiltily relieved. 
Happiness: the car is back! It came in $500 under estimate! Brian needs a hearing aid! My voice is in the exact range he can't hear. The universe laughs and so do I!


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