Satisfying End of Week - December 6, 2019

Danielle Donaldson has a class on her site called The Character Building Guild. I wasn't too interested in it because it was cute girls based on  the zodiac signs. First of all, astrology just isn't interesting to me and cutesy girls aren't either. In August,  I broke down and subscribed to the class. Why? Because I loved the online community and all the sweet stuff they were posting- I wanted a piece of that sweetness.  

BUT! If I do this, I should probably try to do my own kind of girls. Do I even have my own kind? Ugh. Am I copying instead of just concentrating on figuring out my own way in this watercolor world? Aaahh!

We had our big staff meeting at work today and my part went well even with fretting about it for weeks now. I even made people laugh. Hee hee hee. I have power. The relief made me sleepy. 

It's supposed to rain tomorrow and I'm so glad. 


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