Thunderstorms & Rainbows - December 8, 2019

Back in August, I started this piece - it is a sampling of objects in the dining room where I was doing art at the time. Danielle Donaldson did a piece like this in one of her books and I - being the type of person who doesn't work on only one project at a time - did this while I have also been working on a thousand other projects. I painted it over the past couple of days and do like how it turned out. The Dove bar is especially good. :)

When we got out of church today these puffy clouds were everywhere - it was incredibly beautiful! They looked close and I just wanted to drink in the pretty with my eyes. 

A couple of hours later I heard thunder. That is a rarity in Bakersfield! I cracked the window in the art room and listened to it rumble for an hour or so. Again, so beautiful! When the sun popped out I ran to the backyard to see if there were any rainbows. Booyah!

Is it better to only have one project at a time and to see it through before starting another?

Here are all the ones I'm in the middle of -
Creative Girl 
A Field Guide to Color
The Ice Cream Cone Coot
Several Danielle Donaldson classes (like, lots)
100 Hearts
The Book of Mormon (illuminated)
Little houses (because that's what I know how to do already and I should keep up on those)

I don't know how I'm going to get good at anything when I'm so scattered picking up new projects. Maybe this is the answer:


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