Ferns - December 3, 2019

When you're typing on a phone,  you can't get long-winded, no matter how much you want to say.

I left my ferns sketchbook at work yesterday which really threw a monkey wrench in my plans. BTW, I love this sketchbook - a woman at work shares my love for all things papery and showed me how to use the disc-binding system for journals and notebooks. It's the perfect solution for sketchbooks,  too, since I can make them any size, at any time. No more wasted pages! No more "not enough pages"! 

Ever since i did that Color Mingling class from Danielle Donaldson, I've wanted to try painting and drawing more ferns. I bought a weeded copy of a ferns nature guide from the library and cut it up into single pictures, each one getting its own page.

From there, I try to capture the essence of its overall frond shape,  its leaves and the curve of the stem.  The idea was to use these as the bases (basises?) (basisii?) (basii?) of my own ferns paintings. 

Here was my first try: 

I tried to be too realistic.  Simplify! Simplify!  Simplify! 

There's a life lesson in that!


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