Suggestibility - January 22, 2020

I got to work this morning and sounded like a frog. Immediately, my coworkers called me out: "SICK!!! WHY ARE YOU HERE?!"

I wasn't sick - I had a slight cold and that's never stopped me from coming to work before. Besides, there is SO MUCH TO DO. If I don't do my job, there isn't work for other people. 

Then I didn't feel so well. I must be sick! My inner self scowled at my brain. I most certainly was not sick. I must be seeeeeeeeeeeeeeck! So sick! DYING!!!!

Sometimes it really stinks being so suggestible. I left a short time later and went home where I proceeded to bake a cake, prepare sourdough starter and mess around until my kid came home from school and we went to our eye exam - definitely not too sick.

Being "sick" kinda put me off my groove. I had time to paint tonight, but was off-kilter. Truthfully, I haven't been as good about reading my scriptures (sometimes I get very bleh about them). And I can't sleep because there's a lot to do.

So I turned on the Book of Mormon videos and gave them a try. I actually felt better (even though I still have trouble with dramatizations - bleh) and I painted a little.

These hearts are saving my art-soul. The orange makes the most interesting smoky green when mixed with ultramarine turquoise. Just wow!

I learned a valuable lesson, too------

Don't use a rock in the middle of your painting to hold it flat. 


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