It's a Beautiful Day- January 18, 2020

To celebrate Kiff's birthday,  we went to the Los Angeles temple as a family to do work for our ancestors. Here's a glamorous shot of me scrunching my eyes from the glare, but with the building behind me. This is where Brian and I were married,  where both of our sets of parents were married and a place that makes us so happy to visit. I had time alone while Brian and Kiff were in the baptistry. I did initiatories and went up to the Celestial room afterwards. It's a gorgeous room that is quiet, with lots of couches or chairs for you to sit with others or by yourself to pray, talk reverently or meditate.  It's the only time I've ever had it to myself. I sat for a good long time and had a good long talk with Heavenly Father about ...things. Then I had a good long think. In the quiet. 
We had a family baptism to attend this evening,  so we left early (no Getty today! 😭) to drive home. I love blue California skies.

Just as we came down the Grapevine,  a cloud appeared over the road. 

And it got bigger.

And we dropped out of the mountains into the valley where it was cloudy and freezing cold. 

We had grocery shopping after the baptism and now I'm so tired. Still, I made time for three hearts. 


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