And... Back to Madness - January 3, 2020

Guess what - I can't make art when I'm mad.

My son has a friend over for the night. I love the kid(s), but when they are together, it's non-stop chatter. I'm not sure why girls get that bad rap because these boys will give anyone a run for their money.

Too much noise makes me anxious. When I get anxious, I get moody. When I'm moody, my poor husband gets the look and sometimes even the snark. It never ends up well.

I had been in the art room, trying to do something - anything - creative. (It was my first day back at work and so I hadn't had time for anything besides work, dinner and little boys). I couldn't concentrate and I knew it was because of the bad feelings (snark = bad).

After I went in and hugged him, all was better and I am back in here, my heart greatly lightened. The boys took down the decibel level and it really helped.They were sad when I decreed 1AM to be Lights Out. Haha.

Here's some art I did once upon a time:


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