Absence Makes the Heart Grow Mo' Bettah - January 16, 2020

I won't lie, yesterday was a little depressing for me art-wise. Fortunately, I know now how to fix that! Back to hearts I went and I feel so much better now.

Aussie Red Gold was the anchor color in my experimentations. I paired it with Moonglow, Quin Purple, Prussian Blue, Prussian Green and Jadeite. The pile of finished hearts is growing and it feels so good! (I totally just said that in Dr. Strange's voice - haha)

Aah! Look at that starburst of white on the left! I die!

The white is what really makes this one work. Salt created little stars and I'm in love!

The orange-y-ness is orange-y

This was a surprise winner - moonglow separates into viridian, red & something else. Pure magic. 
This reminds me of a flag. If I do this combo again, I'll try to be a little freer with the placement.

 As I was leaving work, the clouds were rolling in right in front of me. By the time I was home, it had started sprinkling. When I got inside, greeted my family and let the cats out to do their thing, I heard a loud noise. We opened to the front door to find a howling gale. The sky had gotten really dark and the wind was whipping faster than normal - my heart beat a tiny bit faster in response. The three hugely tall palm trees across the street shed a HUMONGOUS piece of dead frond/bark stuff - we weren't sure exactly what it was until it slammed into the ground and splatted all over the neighbor's yard. Then his trash can fell over the wall between our houses (he's up a little higher than we are) and scared us half to death. It only lasted twenty minutes or so, but our nerves were a little jangly listening to the howling winds & hoping our trees all stayed upright and didn't fall on anyone's house.

It sounds like the rain has finally stopped. Too bad...


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