Procrastinating - January 27, 2020

I heard recently that we procrastinate because of fear. There may be truth in that statement. 

A few weeks ago,  I enrolled in an online class taught by someone whose art I love, but who works in a medium I do not. It's not the first time I've done this and I learned a lot from the other class I took. 

This time it was acrylics and I was sure I'd be able to simply use the techniques in watercolor.  Ugh - the more I saw of the class, the more I felt I should try acrylics. 

But the cost! It's not just the materials (canvas, brushes and PAINT), but also having to go back to Square One. I like being in the high squares in watercolor 

I went to Hobby Lobby and used the 40% off coupon to get the large set of tester-sized acrylics. 

And then a cheap set of brushes that I hoped to goodness would be good enough since brushes are a huge investment.  

Last of all, I bought a surprisingly inexpensive set of four small canvases & some cheap watercolor pads. 

Then I looked at them all for a couple of days. Scared to try them.

Tonight I took the paints out and tried using them like watercolors.  There is an artist who makes very beautiful,  flowy watercolor-like acrylic paintings that I want to figure out the technique for.

My first try was less than impressive: 
This second one is better.

I'm still scared, but at least I'm not procrastinating. 


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